city hall
Open International Competition
Project team:
Grygory Daynov, Tymur Storozhuk, Aleksey Lisovoy, Ekateryna Sharygina
The shape of the building responses to the urban context and the peculiarities of the site. The building is treated as a single bulk, that provides it with a dominant position in urban development. This makes it a center of visual attraction, a kind of urban forum. The smooth curves of its shape create a public square in front of the main entrance, which can accommodate a large number of visitors.
The program of the building is organized like a city street expanded in three dimensions. Internal spaces are associated with the urban landscape with its squares, gardens, and bridges assembled inside the shell.
The shell consists of two layers: a warm contour and a skin layer made of perforated aluminum sheets. Skin is attached to the outer walls at a distance of 0.8 m from them. The space in between these layers contains bridges made of zinc-coated metal grilles which arranged on each floor level to maintain the facades. The outer layer protects the building from overheating in the warm seasons, but does not block the views to the city because the perforated aluminum is visually quite transparent. Aluminum coating has openings made in the areas of cafes, foyers and restaurants that open up scenic views to the city and park. The outer shell creates a spectacular and dynamic image that appeals to the vibrations of sound waves or organ pipes.
The interior space is united around an atrium crowned with a ski window that connects the entire building vertically. The layouts are as free as possible that gives a greater level of flexibility when using the building for various events.
Elevators and escalators are provided for quick vertical movement of visitors. Ramps are arranged for those who want to walk slowly.
The interiors implement mostly natural materials. Wood, concrete and glass are used for finishing walls and partitions. The floors are polished concrete. Suspended ceilings are Knauf sheeting and wooden slats for restaurants.
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